Sunday, October 27, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 055 : Tyler Mane And Rob Zombie Halloween 1 And 2


Welcome to episode 55 of LOTC!!! During this episode we take a look at Rob Zombies Halloween 1 and 2. HH and GregaMortis share their thoughts about where Rob Zombie took his versions of the classic. Also as a bonus GregaMortis and Haddonfield Hatchet sit down with Michael Myers himself Tyler Mane. Tyler talks Halloween and also Mane Entertainment's newest projects Compound Fracture and Penance Lane. Please go to links below to check out these projects as well as the Penance Lane Indiegogo page to donate and help Penance Lane become a reality.

Tyler Mane Links
Mane Entertainment Facebook
Compound Fracture Website
Penance Lane Website
Mane Entertainment Website
Penance Lane Indiegogo Page
Tyler Mane Twitter

Movie Reviews
Rob Zombie Halloween 1
HH : 9
Dr. Shock : 8
GregaMortis : 9
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Blu-Ray Purchase

Rob Zombie Halloween 2
HH : 7
Dr. Shock : 5
GregaMortis : 6.5
DVD Purchase
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