Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 091 : The Gag Is On You


Welcome to episode 91 of LOTC. This episode the gag is on you as we take a look at 1986 April Fool's Day and we throw in a classic from 1989 The Intruder. LOTC is joined by a faithful listener and close friend to GregaMortis Matt McDaniels. Matt brings his A game to this episode. Thanks goes out to Matt for being on this episode. So buckle up and listen to this episode or GregaMortis will hunt you down.

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Movie Reviews

1986 April Fools Day
HH : 8
Doc : 8
GregaMortis : 8
Matt : 8.5

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1989 The Intruder
HH : 9.5
Doc : 8.5
GregaMortis : 9
Matt : 7.334

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