Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 110 : Must Watch Films For Halloween 2015

Welcome to episode 110 of LOTC. This episode the crew walks You the listener through the must watch films for the Halloween season. In the list you will have some obvious choices like 1978 John Carpenters Halloween etc.. but you will also hear of some titles that We feel every horror fan should see this year. Also as a bonus, GregaMortis brings an interview you will not want to miss, Kenny Caperton from Myers House NC. Kenny talks the release of his 1st feature film Honeyspider as well as his 7th annual Halloween Bash and many other things. So sit back and turn up the volume and get a pen handy to write down all the recommendations that will be coming your way. Thanks so much for everyone's continued support. Help Keep Horror Alive!!!!

Kenny Caperton Links :
Myers House Website
Halloween Bash Details
Myers House Facebook
Myers House Twitter
Myers House Instagram
Myers House Vimeo Page
Myers House IMDB Page

LOTC Links :


Haddonfield Hatchet

Dr. Shock
DVD Infatuation Website

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