Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 114 : Corman, Poe And Price

Welcome to episode 114 of LOTC. This show the LOTC Crew is steeping back in time and reviewing 3 classic films Starring Vincent Price and Directed by Roger Corman. These flicks are Tales Of Terror, The Pit And The Pendulum and The Raven. We had a lot of fun on this episode and we hope You the listener will as well. Thanks so much for tuning in!!!

Movie Reviews :
1961 The Pit And The Pendulum
Doc : 8.5
GregaMortis : 8

1962 Tales Of Terror
Jessie : 8
GregaMortis : 7.5

1963 The Raven
Jessie : 6
Doc : 6.5
GregaMortis : 6.5

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  1. Thanks for covering these films. I love the Poe cycle! Basil Rathbone was Son of Frankenstein (Baron Wolf von Frankenstein) in the 1939 film.
    -Dark Mark

    1. Thanks so much Dark Mark for our comment. I had a blast covering these flicks. If you like older films you are going to be in a treat for 2016. Stay tuned

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