Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Land Of The Creeps Episode 132 : Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension And He Never Died


Welcome to episode 132 of LOTC. This week we are back in the present chatting about some ghost's, witches, demons and vampires. You might ask why? Because we are looking at 2015 the 6th in the series Paranormal Activity : The Ghost Dimension and 2015 He Never Died. We are joined by our special guest Chantel once again. So sit back and turn up the volume and enjoy the episode. Help Keep Horror Alive!!!!

Movie Reviews :
Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension
Chantel F : 2
Dr. Dirty : 3
Jessie Robbins : 4
GregaMortis : 5

He Never Died
Chantel F : 6.5
Jessie Robbins : 7
GregaMortis : 8

Chantel Links :
Dreadful Reviews Site

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