Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 002 : The Godfather Of Gore


Welcome to the 2nd episode of Land Of The Creeps. During this episode Haddonfield Hatchet had the night off, so we bring in a guest “BillChete”. Commets are open and we welcome all feedback. If you have any recommendations or improvements you would like to see on the show feel free to comment or e-mail us as we want Land Of The Creeps to be what you the listeners would like to hear.
We had a great time during this episode as we take a look at The Godfather of Gore ” H.G.Lewis”. As a bonus GregaMortis brings the listeners an interview with H.G. Lewis himself. You will want to listen to what H.G. Lewis had to say about his movies.
During this episode we bring our segment picks
Bruno’s World Of Zombies
Bruno brings his Zombie pick for this episode and it is 2009 Dead Snow.
GregaMortis’s Slash From The Stash
GregaMortis recommends 2011 Fright Flick. Fright Flick is a great Independent Slasher that can be watched for free on Netflix.
1st Movie Review
1963 Blood Feast
GregaMortis – 5 ( No Purchase )
Bruno – 2
BillChete – 10
2nd Movie Review
1964 Two Thousand Maniacs
GregaMortis – 6
Bruno – 1
BillChete – 3
BillChete recommends the following H.G.Lewis movies for purchase
1965 Color Me Blood Red
1970 The Wizard Of Gore
1972 The Gore Gore Girls
Random Rants – We go in depth with The Walking Dead on Amc
Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you the listener.
We closed this episode out with a song by Ruin Roads. The name of the song is Death March To Sun Fun City.

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