Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Land Of the Creeps Episode 007 : 1,2 Freddy's Coming For You

Welcome to episode 7 on Land Of The Creeps. This episode we look at A Nightmare On Elm Street parts 1 and 2. This episode was exciting, fun and yet turns out to be a very sad episode as this will be the last episode for Bruno for awhile. Bruno has been diagnosed with Cancer and will need to take time off. We love Bruno and wish him a speedy recovery.
Bruno’s World Of Zombies
Bruno talks about Abraham Licoln vs Zombies. Listen to this segment. Bruno’s pick this episode is 1966s Plague Of The Zombies.
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GregaMortis’s Slash From The Stash
GregaMortis recommends 2006 Heart Stopper with Robert Englund.
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Haddonfield Hatchet’s Meat Locker
HH debuts his new segment Meat Locker and recommends 2009 My Bloody Valentine the remake. I agree with HH on this pick as I love it as well
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Here are the ratings for for A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984
Bruno- 9
HH- 9
GregaMortis- 8
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Here are the ratings for A nightmare On Elm Street part 2 1985
Bruno- 4
HH- 4
GregaMortis- 5
Random Rants
We look at Supernatural, Being Human and we talk briefly about the documentary of A Nightmare On Elm Street called Never Sleep Again
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Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you the listener.
We closed this episode out with a song by Alextract. The name of the song is Beauty and the Beast

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