Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 010 : Freddy's Dead

Welcome to episode 10 on Land Of The Creeps. During this episode we welcome Boss Butcher and Bloody Lizzy from Terror Troop. We want to thank Boss Butcher and Bloody Lizzy for being on this episode. We want to apologize for some audio issues toward the end of this episode as Skype was having some issues. Comments are open and we welcome all feedback. If you have any recommendations or improvements you would like to see on the show feel free to comment or e-mail us, as we want Land Of The Creeps to be what you the listeners would like to hear.
GregaMortis Slash From The Stash
1986 Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
DVD Purchase
Blu-Ray Purchase
Haddonfield Hatchet’s Meat Locker
1982 Slumber Party Massacre
Box Set DVD
Movie Reviews Ratings
1989 A Nightmare On Elm Street 5
Haddonfield Hatchet – 4
Boss Butcher – 4.5
Bloody Lizzy – 4.5
GregaMortis – 3
1991 A Nightmare On Elm Street 6
Haddonfield Hatchet – 4
Boss Butcher – 5
Bloody Lizzy – 7
GregaMortis – 3.5
During random rants we bring you the listeners an interview with Steve ( Uncle Creepy ) Barton from
Dread Central
Uncle Creepy Host Dinner For Fiends Podcast, Follow Uncle Creepy on Twitter, we want to thank Uncle Creepy for being on Land Of The Creeps. We also look at the latest episode of The Walking Dead.
We also introduce 2 new segments
The Twilight Zone
Season 1 Episode 1
Tales From The Crypt
Season 1 Episode 1
Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you the listener.
We closed this episode out with a song by Benjamin Orth and the name of the song is Bustin Out

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