Thursday, February 28, 2013

Land Of the Creeps Episode 025 : For God's Sake Get Out

Welcome to Episode 25 of Land Of The Creeps. Dr. Shock, Haddonfield Hatchet and GregaMortis is your line up for this fun filled episode with Tomahawk from The Cutting Room stopping by to talk about Experiments In Killing and also to helps us review The Amityville Horror Series.During this episode we breaking down Amityville 1, 2, 3D and The Remake movies southern style. We want to pose a question to YOU The listeners, October Universal Monsters will be releasing an 8 Blu-Ray Box Box Set and Dr. Shock is asking for YOU to comment which movie he should watch 1st. Leave your response on the comment board. Below is the movies being released

1. Wolfman
2. Dracula
3. Frankenstein
4. The Invisible Man
5. The Mummy
6. The Creature From The Black Lagoon
7. The Phantom Of The Opera
8. Bride Of Frankenstein
Below are links to The Cutting Room’s Facebook and Twitter
I want to mention a NEW Film project that a good friend of ours has sent info about. Below is a link to a trailer for the film which is called Live-In Fear.
Here is some info about the film that Marie Olsen has sent us
· The film stars Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), Chris Dorman (8.13), Sarah Greyson (Road Rules) and David Lautman. I’m also there in a supporting role (my latest horror releases are The Haunting of Whaley House, Vile and Paranormal Activity 3);
· The film was produced jointly by Iodine Sky Productions (Brandon Scullion) and MOnsterworks66 (myself and Angel Corbin);
· The film’s IMDB page is
· The film’s story centers around four 20somethings who go to a skiing resort in Utah for a weekend in order to get away from the rat race that is Los Angeles. What they find there – and what follows them up there – is a morass of cult-inspired mayhem, murder and mutilation that they may not survive…
Movie Reviews
1979 Amityville Horror
Haddonfield Hatchet – 8
Dr. Shock – 8
TomaHawk – 6
GregaMortis – 7.5
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1982 Amityville Horror 2 The Possession
Haddonfield Hatchet – 4
Dr. Shock – 4.5
TomaHawk – 3
GregaMortis – 4
1983 Amityville Horror 3D
Haddonfield Hatchet – 4
Dr. Shock – 5.5
TomaHawk – 5
GregaMortis – 5
2005 Amityville Horror The Remake
Haddonfield Hatchet – 6
Dr. Shock – 6
GregaMortis – 6.5
DVD Purchase
Blu-Ray Purchase
GregaMortis’s Slash From The Stash
1982 The New York Ripper
DVD Purchase
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Dr. Shock’s Double Chill’s
1970 I Drink Your Blood
DVD Purchase
2007 Vacancy
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Haddonfield Hatchet’s Meat Locker
2012 The Victim
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