Thursday, February 28, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 033 : Universal Horror

Welcome to Episode 33 of Land Of The Creeps. This episode the LOTC crew takes a journey back in time to look at the films that we feel started Horror which are The Universal Horror. This is Pt.1 of our series where we look at the first four Universal Films. We also discuss the recent Blu-Ray releases of the films. Are they worth the money? Do these films look any better than the previous versions released? Please listen to this episode and hear what we think. So pop you some popcorn and turn up the volume and enjoy this episode of LOTC!!!!

Movie Reviews

1931 Dracula
Haddonfield Hatchet - 10
Dr. Shock - 10
GregaMortis - 10

1931 Frankenstein
Haddonfield Hatchet - 10
Dr. Shock - 10
GregaMortis - 10

1932 The Mummy
Haddonfield Hatchet - 9.5
Dr. Shock - 9
GregaMortis - 8

1933 The Invisible Man
Dr. Shock - 9.5
GregaMortis - 9

Universal Blu-Ray Set

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