Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 012 : Vincent Price, Adam Green And Laura Ortiz Oh My

Welcome to episode 12 of Land Of The Creeps. You are in for a Major treat as we welcome in Dr. Shock from The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast and also DVD Infatuation, we also have Bruno’s return to this episode. If all that was not enough GregaMortis was able to bring to YOU the fans not 1 interview but 2 for the listeners pleasure. GregaMortis interviews 1st Writer, Director and Actor of such films as Hatchet, Hatchet 2, Frozen and the newest TV series on FearNet Holliston.. Mr. Adam Green. It was so great to have Adam on as he is so busy with his projects but he took time out for you the fans. Next GregaMortis brings on the Lovely Actress Laura Catalina Ortiz from The Hills Have Eyes Remake where she played Ruby and also Disney Channels Fish Hooks, along with this she also Co-Stars along with Adam Green on FearNets Holliston. Also there is a T-Shirt giveaway thanks to Don from T-Shirt Bordello. The 1st 3 people to email GregaMortis will receive 1 Horror T-Shirt of there choice for free. Email GregaMortis at We want to thank Don and T-Shirt Bordello for making this happen. You will not want to miss this episode as we also look at 4 of Vincent Price’s Greatest Hits. So sit back and pop some popcorn turn out the lights turn up the volume and be prepared to be entertained!!!
Haddonfield Hatchet also mentions a web series to look out for. Below is the info
(2012) Creak (Part 1 Of 3 In A Web Series): It’s 4am and somewhere, something has opened…Creak is the first of the “Disposable Screams” series of short films from Faster Production’s offshoot label, “Sincerely, Psychopath”
Adam Green Links
Website ArieScope Pictures
Holliston on ITunes
Standard or HD Versions
Laura Catalina Ortiz Links
Bruno’s World Of Zombies
Bruno mentions Zombie-Dash
2010 The Dead
Blu-Ray Purchase
GregaMortis Slash From The Stash
1986 April Fools Day
DVD Purchase
Haddonfield Hatchet’s Meat Locker
2011 Evidence
Not Released
2010 Night Of The Demons
DVD Purchase
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Movie Reviews
1959 House On Haunted Hill
Haddonfield Hatchet – 7.5
Bruno – 8
Dr. Shock – 8.5
GregaMortis – 8.5
DVD Purchase
1953 House Of Wax
Haddonfield Hatchet – 8.5
Bruno – 8.5
Dr. Shock – 8.5
GregaMortis – 9
DVD Purchase
1964 Last Man On Earth
Haddonfield Hatchet – 7.5
Bruno – 8
Dr. Shock – 6
GregaMortis – 7
DVD Purchase
1968 Witchfinder General
Haddonfield Hatchet – 4
Bruno – 5.5
Dr. Shock – 5
GregaMortis – 5
No Purchase Recommended
Random Rants:
Twilight Zone Segment:
Season 1 – Episode 3
Tales From The Crypt Segment:
Season 1 – Episode 3
We close this show with a song by Wednesday 13 from the Album Transylvania 90210 and the name of the song is The Ghost Of Vincent Price. Check out Wednesday 13s website

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