Thursday, February 14, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 011 : Freddy VS Jason

Welcome to episode 11 on Land Of The Creeps. During this episode we welcome Midnight Corey from
The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast. Also as a bonus we also welcome Writer, Director Michael Neel from
The Drive-In Horror Show. We want to thank Midnight Corey and Michael Neel for being on this episode. We had a blast on this episode as we finally finish the Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise. Michael Neel reveals his newest project which is a Comic Book releasing soon. The comic is a fresh story from The Drive-In Horror Show. I am so excited to hear about this and I hope you fans will check out Michael’s website regular for the release date. Comments are open and we welcome all feedback. If you have any recommendations or improvements you would like to see on the show feel free to comment or e-mail us, as we want Land Of The Creeps to be what you the listeners would like to hear. Below are links to Midnight Corey and Michael Neel’s Twitter
Michael Neel – Twitter
Drive-In Horror Show
Midnight Corey - Twitter
GregaMortis Slash From The Stash
2003 High Tension
DVD Purchase
Blu-Ray Purchase
Haddonfield Hatchet’s Meat Locker
1979 Zombie 2
DVD Purchase
Blu-Ray Purchase
Midnight Corey brings us a Zombie Pick
2003 Flesh Eater
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Movie Reviews Ratings
1994 Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
Haddonfield Hatchet – 8
Midnight Corey – 7
Michael Neel – 8.5
GregaMortis – 8
2003 Freddy VS Jason
Haddonfield Hatchet – 7
Midnight Corey – 7
Michael Neel – 6
GregaMortis – 8
During random rants we discuss in depth the season finale of The Walking Dead. You will not want to miss this discussion.
The Twilight Zone
Season 1 Episode 2Download

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