Thursday, March 7, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 191 : Women In Horror

Welcome to LOTC's Women In Horror Episode. For some reason February has been known as the Women In Horror Month but we here at LOTC says every month should be Women In Horror month because in our eyes everyone is equal. No gender or race just amazing entertainment.  This week GregaMortis , Dave "Doctor Shock"Becker are joined by Greg Bensch and Allyson Clark to discuss and shine a light down on Women Directors in the Horror genre. With four feature reviews, Facebook shoutouts as well as Twitter shoutouts, You creeps and creepites are in for a real treat.
We have to thank Allyson for being a part of this show, her links will be below as well as Greg Bensch.
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Next we are still in full swing with the LOTC new theme intro contest. We have received some really cool songs so far but are looking for more. Once again the only rule is that the audio clip be original with no copyrighted material. Other than that it is free game. We will be picking our top 3 clips and these winners will receive some really groovy prizes. So please get to work and send your audio to Thank You in advance for all Your hardwork on this and Best Of Luck to all the entries.

Movie Reviews:

1987 Blood Diner
Directed By : Jackie Kong
Feature review by Allyson Clark
Allyson : 6.5 ( Hard Rental )
Doctor Shock : 6.5 ( Hard Rental )
GregaMortis : 7 ( Purchase )
Blood Diner BluRay
Blood Diner DVD

1987 Near Dark
Directed By : Kathryn Bigelow
Feature review by Doctor Shock
Doctor Shock : 9
GregaMortis : 9
Greg Bensch : 8
Purchase if you can find it at a reasonable price

2016 Raw
Directed BY : Julia Ducournau
Feature review by Greg Bensch
Greg Bensch : 9
Doctor Shock : 9
GregaMortis : 8.5

2016 The Lovewitch
Directed By : Anna Biller
Feature review by GregaMortis
GregaMortis : 8
Greg Bensch : 8
Allyson : 9
The Lovewitch Bluray

Allyson Clark Links
The Haunted Davenport Podcast
The Haunted Davenport Podcast Twitter

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