Monday, September 26, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 293 : Horror Date Night


Welcome to LOTC's Bonus Episode 293: Where we are joined by the awesome Greg P. Russell & Amy Leigh- aka   The Gruesome Twosome. In this episode GregaMortis & the Twisted Temptress welcome in the Gruesome Twosome with some Halloween Chats & Questions about Halloween Date Night & Halloween movie watches. First Date to silly fun questions horror related. Enjoy 2hrs of laughters and a chill relax time. Thank you for helping keep horror alive.!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 292 : FEARS

Welcome to LOTC episode 292. This week the LOTC crew is joined by special guest Mike Miller. Mike chose this weeks topic which was FEARS. Each host will discuss a film that hits in their personal fear. What are the things that make each host freeze in fear, or run for higher ground? You will definitely want to listen to this episode. You will also hear from several callers who voiced their fears as well. We want to Thank Mike for being on the show and for the great topic. Mike's Facebook link is below if you would like to get in touch with him. We ask that you share this episode with all your friends and social media accounts. So sit back turn up the volume and take a journey with us through Land Of The Creeps.


MIKE : 3
DAVE : 3.5
GREG : 5.5
BILL : 6

2002 JU-ON
DAVE : 9.5
MIKE : 7.5
BILL : 6
GREG : 8.5

BILL : 7
MIKE : 8
GREG : 8

BILL : 8.5
GREG : 8.5

GREG : 7
DAVE : 6
MIKE 6.5
BILL : 5


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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 291 : 4 Beastly Freaks

LOTC BONUS EPISODE : 291 In this Bonus Gregamortis & The Twisted Temptress are honored & joined by not only Jay of The Dead, But his future protege Spawn of The Dead. They welcome Spawn on his very first full episode in a podcast. Where Spawn viewed 4 movies for the first time & gives his intake & ratings. Both Jay & Spawn had the choice to pick 4 Beastly Freak movies to review. Not only was it a fun & inspiring episode. But a very proud dad moment for Jay. LOTC members your're in for a treat & a bunch of laughter. Thank you for Keeping Horror Alive.

Movie Reviews:
Black Water 2007
Spawn - 6.5
Jay - 8.5
Pearl - 7.0
Greg - 8.5

Primal 2010
Spawn - 8.0
Jay - 7.5
Pearl - 8.0
Greg - 8.0

Mulberry Street 2006
Spawn - 7.0
Jay 7.0
Pearl 7.0
Greg - 7.5

Into the Grizzley Maze 2015
Spawn 7.5
Jay 7.5
Pearl 8.0
Greg 8.0

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 290 : One On One With Justin Beahm

 Welcome to LOTC's Episode 290: One on One w/ Justin Beahm...   Justin Beahm has an Impressive & Respectable profile to his name. Justin is a Producer, Director, & Writer. His Reverend Entertainment produces content for Shout Factory. Anchor Bay, Music Box Films, Scream Factory, Vinegar Syndrome to name a few. Justin Beahm has time after time; has given us the behind the scenes, special features, & commentaries on many treasure films. Such as Alligator, Bad News Bears, Body Bags, Child's Play, Silent Night Deadly Night to name a few from the outstanding list he has collected through-out the years.  But it's his loyalty, passion & empathy to connect on a deeper level that captivates these special editions added that Preserves history & the voices of its cast. As he states ( tiny window of time ). On this Episode, we put Justin on the voice side as, we preserve his memoirs & side road to many of his journeys of doing what he loves. Sit back & hear his answers to the questions given to him by us & the listeners. Thank you, Justin Beahm for joining us & giving us an insight look at all the hard work you do. If you like to reach out to Justin or see his list of movies'. he was involved in. Check him out at Justin or Reverend Entertainment to subscribe.

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