Friday, October 25, 2013

Land Of The Creeps Episode 055 : Tyler Mane And Rob Zombie Halloween 1 And 2


 Welcome to LOTC episode 55 BOO!!!!! We are so excited to bring this episode to you the fans. GregaMortis and Haddonfield Hatchet talk Rob Zombies Halloween 1 and 2 plus we have Michael Myers Tyler Mane stop by to talk Halloween and discuss Mane Entertainment's latest project Penance Lane. Please follow links below for Tyler Mane for details on the Indigogo page to donate. This was such a great episode to record and we hope everyone enjoys. Happy Halloween!!!!

Tyler Mane Links
Mane Entertainment Facebook
Mane Entertainment Website
Compound Fracture Website
Penance Lane Website
Tyler Mane Twitter

Movie Reviews
Rob Zombie Halloween 1
Haddonfield Hatchet : 9
Dr. Shock : 8
GregaMortis : 9
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Blu-Ray Purchase

Rob Zombie Halloween 2
Haddonfield Hatchet : 7
Dr. Shock : 5
GregaMortis : 6.5
DVD Purchase
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Youtube Channel
Haddonfield Hatchet Links
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