Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Land Of The Creeps Episode 064 : New F13 Plus Terror Train Commentary


Welcome to LOTC episode 64. Haddonfield Hatchet and GregaMortis are joined by Justin Beahm on this commentary episode. We begin with a very funny and entertaining flight story from Justin Beahm that had the crew in stitches. Next we open discussion about the buzz around the new Friday The 13th that has been announced. What do we think about all the talk? Listen to hear our 2 cents on the matter.
Lastly we conduct a running commentary of 1 of our favorite 80's Slasher films 1980 Terror Train. So get your VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray ready, pop some popcorn and get your favorite beverage and sit back and watch the movie with us.
We want to thank Justin Beahm for being on this episode and for his knowledge that he always brings to the table.
have any movie suggestions or comments please respond below or feel free to email us, our links are below.

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