Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Land Of The Creeps Episode 070 : Andrew Divoff Says Make A Wish

Download Welcome to this Epic episode 70 of LOTC. WOW is everyone in for a treat on this special show. 1st we welcome a special guest, Insane Mike from Attack Of The Killer Podcast but wait there is more, GregaMortis was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with the star of Wishmaster 1 and 2 Andrew Divoff. That's right the one and only. GregaMortis and Andrew discuss his career from Wishmaster and his newest flick which is available on Blu-Ray and DVD Bad Asses 2. Andrew also mentions a pilot for a TV show coming this June on FX called The Strain. You will not want to miss this interview for sure. Now from there the crew takes a very candid approach to the 4 series Wishmaster flicks.. Man does these reviews hit the spot? You will want to listen to find out. Be sure to comment and share with everyone you know this fun filled episode. Thanks everyone for your continued support of L.O.T.C..

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Movie Reviews
1997 Wishmaster
HH : 8
Doc : 8.5
Mike : 7.5
GregaMortis : 9

DVD Purchase

1999 Wishmaster 2
HH : 5
Doc : 5
Mike : 6
GregaMortis : 7

2001 : Wishmaster 3
HH : 2
Doc : 2.5
Mike : 2
GregaMortis : 4.5

2002 Wishmaster 4
HH : 1
Mike : 4
GregaMortis : 5

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