Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blood Widow : Die In Silence

Blood Widow is an upcoming Slasher style thriller flick to be released from Midnight Releasing June 3. I recently sat down and watched the screener of this film and thought I would do a mini review for everyone of you Creepites. Below is the basic info on this film.

Blood Widow
Directed By : Jeremiah Buckhalt
Written By : Chad Coup and Ian H. Davis
Starring : Danielle Lilley, Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez and Kelly Kilgore
Run Time : 84 minutes

Plot : Laurie and Hugh have just bought there first home in the country. Laurie is not as excited and Hugh though, especially seeing that he has invited all his friends up for a weekend party without letting Laurie know about it. Hugh's friends show up and the party begins. An abandoned boarding school is found next to the house and there are some secrets that should never be revealed.

Review : I will start by saying that I am a fan and supporter of Independent Horror. Unfortunately sometimes they are not the best films. But every once and awhile there will be some real good gems. Blood Widow is kind of in the middle of this.
There are some really great moments of scare and over all creepiness in this flick, but there are just as many moments of just o.k. scenes. I felt like this could have been a great film but turned out to be just decent.
The acting in Blood Widow is average. The effects are decent and the gore is good. Camera work is good along with some pretty cool imagery in the final scenes of the film. Where I find fault is in the overall story. I feel like there was a lot of dialogue that just did not need to be there.
Overall this is a decent watch that I feel if you can rent it or find it on Netflix do that and then decide if you would want to own this one. Me personally I will be buying it, but I pretty much buy anything horror. So my overall rating for this film is...... 5.5 out of a possible 10 score

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