Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Land Of The Creeps Episode 079 : Troma Is Cheesetastic Plus Douglas Tait

Welcome to episode 79 of LOTC. We start this episode with a great interview with actor Douglas Tait. He is currently in a TV series that airs on Thursday nights at 8pm central on ABC. The show is called The Quest, we all need to check this show out. Be sure to follow Doug at the links below. Thanks brother for being on the episode. Next the crew takes a look at a listener requested series Troma's Toxic Avenger. Thanks goes out to Casey Bates for requesting us to review these films. So sit back and turn up the volume and enjoy this wild episode.

Douglas Tait Links :

Movie Reviews
1984 The Toxic Avenger
HH : 5
Doc : 6.5
GregaMortis : 5

1989 Toxic Avenger 2
HH : 2
Doc : 3
GregaMortis : 3

Troma's Website

LOTC Links :


Haddonfield Hatchet

Dr. Shock

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