Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Land Of The Creeps Episode 083 : Cheerleaders, Witches And Musical


Welcome to episode 83 of LOTC. During this episode GregaMortis, Haddonfield Hatchet and Jessie Robbins tackle 2 newly released horror flicks that deal with dead cheerleaders, witches and also a musical. What movies are we covering you ask, All Cheerleaders Die and Stage Fright. You will not want to miss the laughter filled episode. Also as a bonus GregaMortis starts the episode off with 3 special events taking place really soon, so be sure to check the links out below and if you are available to make any or all these events you will have a time of your life.

Halloweenapalooza 5 Website

Darkness Pines Website

HoneySpider Website

Movie Reviews :
2014 Stage Fright
GregaMortis : 6
HH : 6
Jessie : 6.111


2014 All Cheerleaders Die
GregaMortis : 5
HH : 4
Jessie : 4.002

LOTC Links :


Haddonfield Hatchet

Dr. Shock

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  1. Nice job. I enjoyed the show....and thanks for the shout out! That was awesome.