Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Land Of The Creeps Episode 085 : Tall Man, Jawas And Nathan Tolle

Welcome to LOTC's Halloween episode. This is episode 85 and we are very excited to bring this special episode to YOU the audience. With Halloween just a few days away we thought it would be cool to talk Phantasm 1 and 2. This is a fun filled episode with laughter and sarcasm that only the crew can do. As a bonus we throw out some of our favorite movies and shows we like to watch during this Holiday season. As if that was not enough we bring a special guest on, one of our most loyal listeners Stevie Katchuck. If that is not enough as a bonus of bonus GregaMortis interviews Nathan Tolle. Nathan is the author of an amazing book that has just came out called Pumpkin Cinema. This book is awesome and Nathan is as well. So sit back and turn the volume up and enjoy this amazing ride with us.

Nathan Tolle Links :
Pumpkin Cinema Book Purchase Amazon
Also Purchase Book From Schiffer Publishing

Midnight Hour Movie YouTube Link

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Movie Reviews :
1979 Phantasm
HH : 5.5
Doctor Shock : 6
Jessie Robbins : 6.75
GregaMortis : 7
Stevie : 7

1988 Phantasm 2
HH : 6.5
Doctor Shock : 7.5
Jessie Robbins : 6.003
GregaMortis : 7.5
Stevie : 7

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