Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 096 : Horns At The ATM

Welcome to episode 96 of LOTC. During this episode the crew discuss two films available on NETFLIX. They are 2012 ATM starring Josh Peck and 2014 Horns starring Daniel Radcliff. You will not want to miss this fun filled ride with Jessie Robbins, Haddonfield Hatchet, a brief time with HH's wife Megan and GregaMortis. Also GregaMortis starts talking with a robot voice. You might ask a robot voice? Yes a robot voice. Also Jessie introduces a new segment which she is calling her man crush of the episode. So sit back and pop some popcorn and turn up the volume and take a journey through the Land Of The Creeps. Help Keep Horror Alive!!!!!

Movie Reviews :

2014 Horns
Jessie Robbins : 8.479
HH : 8
GregaMortis : 8

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2012 ATM
Jessie Robbins : 6
GregaMortis : 6

Jessie Robbins Male Crush Of The Episode

                                                                         Joe Hill

                                                                     Daniel Radcliff

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