Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 101 : Lets Go To The Prom

Welcome to episode 101 of LOTC. We would like to thank each and everyone that tuned into our epic 100 episode. We have had great feed back and it was for all of YOU. Now we are back and excited to dance head long into disco as we start a 2 part series of the Prom Night franchise. This episode we take a look at Prom Night Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. This is a hilarious episode that we feel you will enjoy. So sit back, turn up the volume and take a journey with us through the Land Of The Creeps.

Movie Reviews :
1980 Prom Night
Jessie Robbins : 7.5
Shaun Davis : 4
GregaMortis : 7.5

1987 Prom Night 2
Jessie Robbins : 6
Shaun Davis : 7
GregaMortis : 7.5

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