Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Land Of The Creeps Episode 104 : Lets Go Camping Along With Jonathan Tiersten

Welcome to episode 104 of LOTC. WOW are YOU in for treat on this amazing episode. The LOTC crew, minus Shaun Davis who is on vacation, is joined by Justin Beahm to discuss camping. You sa camping? That's right we are doing a restrospective review of the Sleepaway Camp trilogy. This is going to be an episode talked about through out the ages. But if that was not enough, GregaMortis opens the show with an almost 1 full hour candid interview with the star of Sleepaway Camp 1 Jonathan ( Ricky ) Tiersten. Jonathans links will be below. So sit back and enjoy this amazing episode.

Jonathan Tiersten Links :

Movie Reviews :
Sleepaway Camp 1
Jessie Robbins : 9
Doctor Shock : 9
Justin Beahm : 9
GregaMortis : 9
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Sleepaway Camp 2
Jessie Robbins : 7.5
Doctor Shock : 7.5
Justin Beahm : 8
GregaMortis : 7.5
BLURAY Purchase

Sleepaway Camp 3
Jessie Robbins : 6
Justin Beahm : 4
GregaMortis : 5.5
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Justin Beahm Links :

LOTC Links :


Haddonfield Hatchet

Dr. Shock
DVD Infatuation Website

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