Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Land Of The Creeps Episode 121 : Golem And Phantom Of The Opera

Welcome to episode 121 of LOTC. This is a very special episode for a couple reasons. First reason is that February 25, 2016 marks GregaMortis's 6 year anniversary for Podcasting. Second reason is that GregaMortis welcomes back his original podcast partner to this episode. Doctor Butcher aka Dr. Dirty and GregaMortis have not recorded together since 2011. This is such a fun but informative episode. Unfortunately the first part of the episode we have an audio issue. GregaMortis's volume level is low so we had to raise his volume level up during editing. After the first review the audio level is corrected. We apologize for this error. We hope you will enjoy this episode.

Movie Reviews

1920 Golem
Jessie Robbins : 7.5
Doctor Shock : 7.5
GregaMortis : 8
Dr. Dirty : 9

1925 Phantom Of The Opera
Jessie Robbins : 10
Doctor Shock : 10
GregaMortis : 10
Dr. Dirty : 10

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