Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Land Of The Creeps Episode 161 : Conjuring 2 And Autopsy Of Jane Doe

Welcome to LOTC Episode 161. This week Doctor Shock, Jessie Robbins and GregaMortis take a look at Conjuring 2 and Autopsy Of Jane Doe. Both these movies appeared on lots of best of 2016 list's this year but do they make the cut for Land Of The Creeps? You will not want to miss this very informative episode. We would also like to ask for Your help for episode 163. We will be journeying back to the year of 1971. We would like to hear your suggestions for what 2 movies you would like the crew to discuss. Thank You to each and everyone of you Creepites. We will always say that we have the best listeners in the world.
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Movie Reviews

2016 Conjuring 2
Jessie Robbins : 8
Doctor Shock : 8
GregaMortis : 8


2016 : Autopsy Of Jane Doe
Jessie Robbins : 9
Doctor Shock : 9
GregaMortis : 8

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Dr. Shock

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