Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Land Of The Creeps Episode 171 : 4th Of July Horror

Welcome to LOTC Episode 171!! This week it is time for firing up the grills and cooking hot dogs eating ice cream and watching massive explosions of colors in the sky with your occasional dismemberment . YES it is 4th of July and the LOTC crew is looking at 4th of July horror themed films. Also as a bonus Justin Beahm and GregaMortis takes an in-depth look at newly released Hereditary . You will not want to miss this fun filled episode with GregaMortis and Jessie Robbins.
such good discussions here for sure.
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  1. Love Tuning in to you guys. Enjoying all the episodes. Some of My 4th of july favs are Silver Bullet, 1001 Maniacs ( gotta love robert england ), final destination 3, & even the 80s classic Piranha.
    Well keep up the great work, a new n proud listener :)

  2. Thank You so much for turning in. I love Silver Bullet, I agree Robert Englund is amazing in everything and I 1001 maniacs Final Destination flicks are creepy as hell to me lol. Piranha is a favorite of mine. Thank You for commenting. Sorry about the long delay but comments section on site was wrong. I have corrected it now. Anyways thanks for listeneing