Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 201 : Aliens And UFO Films

Welcome to episode 201 of LOTC!! This week the crew will take you deep into Area 51, well maybe not deep but you will hear about the Storming Area 51 craze as well as discussion on Alien and UFO Films. With several titles mentioned we are confident You will go away with a better knowledge of the Alien films to watch. Also as a bonus GregaMortis brings mini reviews of American Nightmares available via Netflix as well as Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark currently in theaters. Are these worth viewing? Listen and see what GregaMortis thinks. Contest time as well. Pearl has created a new contest for you the listeners. The contest is simple, create a cartoonish style image of GregaMortis or the LOTC crew as ghouls, zombies or creatures, or create a new logo image or lastly come up with a cool font log for Land Of The Creeps. The contest is for future merchandise so when doing your art work keep in mind will it look cool on a TShirt etc. So have fun with this one and submit your art to Lotc_Art@yahoo.com. There will be prizes for top 3 winners. The contest is officially open now and will run through September 25 so get busy and good luck. Lastly we want to theank our previous winners for our themed intro contest, each song has been highlighted on nthis episode and below are links to the creators. So put aluminum foil on your heads and buckle up for a space ride on this episode.

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  2. Great episode guys. Wanted to make sure to mention Extraterrestrial (2014) a semi-found footage abduction film that has major 'Fire in the Sky' vibes. It's got a Michael Ironside cameo and a Scream Factory release. Worth watching.

    1. Hey Paul, thanks for commenting. I actually have not seen Extraterrestrial but have heard good things. I will definitely put it on my to watch list. Love some Michael Ironside. Scream Factory release is a major plus. Thank You for the recommendation and glad you enjoyed the show. What did you think of Fire In The Sky