Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 210 : Top5 Horror Musicals

Welcome to LOTC's: Horror Musical Episode 210. Last episode of 2019.
The Crew had so much fun Introducing Our top 5 Sing a Long; must watch Horror Musicals.
In this episode We Ask for 10 New Callers, to Hear the amazing vocals of Dave" Dr.Shock" Becker !!! And You Awesome Creepers/Creepites listened to us.. We had a total of 24 callers, ( 16  being new callers ).. So Not only You will hear Dave sing the song of his choice, but you will get a bonus of Bill Van Veghel & GregaMortis falling into the musical fun.
We chat about Anna & the Apocalypse, Nightmare before Christmas, & Little Shop of horrors among the many others that will be mention in each of our top 5.. At the end of the episode the guys attempted to close out with a singing number together and, well lets just say that this may go down in history as the funniest and fun moment in podcast history.
We would also like to Wish Every Single one of you listeners; A  Happy New Year 2020 & may you all be safe & merry..
May one of your new year resolutions be, to be more active on LOTC.. We want to hear more from you.. Call in More, Share more, & Leave Comments on the website..
Thank You so much for making 2019 one of the greatest years to date in the history of the podcast. This was an absolute blast each and every episode. You guys and gals completely out did yourselves. May 2020 be even better.

My Top 5:
1.Phantom of Paradise
2.Rocky Horror Picture Show
3.Nightmare Before Christmas
4.Anna & The Apocalypse
5. Devil's Carnival

Dave's Top 5:
1. Little Shop of Horror
2. Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Anna & the Apocalypse
5.Phantom of Paradise

Bill's Top 5:
1. Suck
3. Don't Go In The Woods
4. Cannibal The Musical
5. Sci-Fi High The Musical

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