Monday, April 13, 2020

Land Of The Creeps Episode 217 : Horror Express Nordic Horror

Welcome to episode 217 of LOTC. The train is pulling up to the station for another Horror Express episode. This week the train is pulling up to the Nordic station. That's right, we are looking at horror films from the Nordic region. We are joined by CoHost of Retro Movie Geek Podcast Peter Nielsen. Peter was born in Denmark but at a very young age he moved to Sweden where he still resides. There is no better guest to have on the show to discuss Nordic horror films then Peter. The crew discuss in great detail 67 Nordic horror films. That's right, 67 movies as well as voicemails and social media Shout outs. You are for sure to find at least 1 movie you like during this show. So with a run time of over 5 hours you are in for a treat, so sit back and enjoy this episode. We welcome all feedback and social media shares. So if you will share this episode with everyone you have access to. It is the best way to help Our show grow. Also if you would leave a comment and rate our show with what ever streaming service you use to listen to LOTC. Also you can call us on our toll free hotline @ 1-804-569-5682. Thank You to each and everyone of YOU listeners for your continued support and for making LOTC the go to Horror Podcast ( IMO).
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  1. Considering that 67 films were reviewed in this episode, with absolute exceptional results, could you guys recommend a few each that you think fans should start with? Even if they're the obvious choices, it would still be great to hear what you they are. Congrats on another well informed release, gentlemen.

  2. Hello Jason, I appreciate your comment and for listening the show. Right off the top of my head, Dead Snow 1 and 2 are must watches as well as Troll Hunters. I would start with those first. I will get a few more together and respond again. Thanks so much for listening.

  3. Just to name a couple that Greg didn't mention that I feel are important to see are Wither, The Phantom Carriage, Rare Exports and most definitely Let The Right One In. Enjoy your journey and thanks for listening. Rock on!!!