Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Land Of The Creeps Episode 229 : Random Horror Pics

Welcome to episode 229 of LOTC. Randomness is the subject this week. The crew picked three random horror movies from any decade to review, and with a wide range of years released, we hope you will find a hidden gem to add to your watchlist. If the total of nine movies are not enough, the LOTC community brings a numerous amount of movies to the forefront with voicemails, FaceBook and Twitter shoutouts. Such a fun show you are about to listen to. You will want to listen to the end as Dave Becker offered up a BluRay prize at the end of the show as well. The winner was drawn and a huge congratulations to Nathan Bartlebaugh for winning. If you are on FaceBook be sure to go to our group page and you can see the video of the drawing as he happened. We love YOU guys and gals so much for your continued support. 
Next episode is coming up and we want to hear from each and everyone of you once again. The subject is via listener and family member Shannon Barnes, Name some of the horror movies that portrayed the Devil and or demons the best. Comment below or via social media or better yet call 1-804-569-5682. Look forward to hearing what everyone brings on the episode. So sit back turn up the volume and enjoy episode 229 of LOTC


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The Shining Girl's Book by : Lauren Beukes
Other Authors to follow per Vicious Victor
Stephanie M Wytovich
T. Kingfisher
CV Hunt
Shirley Jackson
James Tiptree Jr.

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