Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Land Of The Creeps Episode 234 : Horror Families

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Welcome to episode 234 of LOTC!!! This week was a special holiday episode and what is the best way to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday, with killer families of course. The crew takes YOU the listeners into the homes of some of the worst families you could ever imagine. You would not want to be invited as a guest to families such as the Sawyers or Fireflies families. But we here at LOTC did just that. With nine full reviews as well as Face Book shout outs and voicemails, we are certain you will have a great time on this Thanksgiving episode. 

So as You are sitting around the table with your families enjoying your meals and friendship, we hope you will crank up the radio, there is profanity so go into the episode with caution around the little ones, have a drink of your choice, grab a pen or pencil to take notes and enjoy the episode.

As a bonus We have to thank our great friend and fellow podcaster Jay Of The Dead from Consider The Cinema Podcast and Horror Movie Weekly Podcast for our contest giveaway this episode. Jay was so gracious as to offer up a BluRay of a slasher film from 2020 called Open 24 Hours. This is a cool flick and the winner was drawn. We want to congratulate Luke Bemand on being the winner of this amazing prize. Thanks so much Jay for all you do for the podcast. Thank You to everyone who called in and entered.

The next episode of LOTC We will be looking at Water creatures and sea monsters. We  will be excluding sharks as we are going to tackle them in a later episode. So for contest time We are asking you to call into our show at 1-804-569-5682 and give us your favorite Water monsters. This should be a blast and we hope everyone will call in. If you our out of the USA and would like to send your audio response via MP3 then you can do that as well. Email Gregamortis at gregamortis666@gmail.com. You will have until December 2nd to submit your voicemails. So what is the prize? I am glad you asked, Dave Becker is offering up his magazine issue of Famous Monsters Of Filmland issue 105 from March 1974. This will be a great item to have in your collection. So be sure to call or email before December 2nd. Good luck to all that enter. Below is the exact image of the magazine.


Victor H. Rodriguez Book
The Sound Of Fear Click Here To Purchase
Digital Version The Sound Of Fear Click Here To Purchase
The Shining Girl's Book by : Lauren Beukes
Other Authors to follow per Vicious Victor
Stephanie M Wytovich
T. Kingfisher
CV Hunt
Shirley Jackson
James Tiptree Jr.

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