Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 272 : Random Horror From 2021


Welcome to episode 272 of LOTC!! This week the crew is deep in research and preparation for the top ten horror films of 2021. So, with that the crew decided to review six random horror films from 2021. This was a fun show as the crew did not know what each other was reviewing so it was a complete surprise for them just as it would be for you listening. There are some potential top ten films talked about during this episode so be sure to get your pen and paper ready to take notes. The next episode will be episode 273 and this will be the most anticipated episode of the year which is our top ten horror films from 2021 episode. We are super excited and would love to hear from everyone what your top ten looks like for 2021. You can email gregamortis666@gmail.com subject line top 10 with your written list, you can share your list on here with a comment or better, yet you can call us at 1-804-569-5682. You have until WEDNESDAY JANRUARY 19 TO GET US YOUR LISTS. Thank you to each and every one of you guys and gals for all the continued support and love you show on a daily basis. We are all family for sure. If you haven't already, we would love if you would give us a rating on whatever platform you listen to us at. Thank You in advance. So, its SHOWTIME!! Turn up the volume and enjoy the show.


Movie Reviews:

2021 Saint Maud
Dave : 9.5
Greg : 9
Bill : 7.5

2021 A House On The Bayou
Bill : 8
Greg : 8

2021 Coming Home In The Dark
Greg : 9
Bill : 6.5

2021 The Night House
Dave : 9.5
Greg : 8
Bill : 7

2021 Vicious Fun

2021 Slaxx
Greg : 7.5
Dave : 7
Bill : 6.5

Victor H .Rodriguez

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