Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 274 : Virus Horror

Welcome to Episode 274 of LOTC. This week the crew has masked up and got their protection ready as they are tackling the theme of Virus films. Now with a subject as strong as this, the crew had to bring in some help. The crew is joined by Twisted Temptress herself Pearl and fellow LOTC family members and Podcasters themselves, Raul and Ashley from Headlong Into Monsters Podcast. With a total of six virus infected horror films as well as numerous mentions of other films via voicemail and FaceBook, we feel like you are in for a treat. If this was not enough, GregaMortis and Bill The Butcher Van Veghel close the episode with an interview from independent director and writer and also LOTC family member James Dean. James discusses his feature film debut Fountaine: and the Vengeful Nun Who Wouldn't Die. Thank You James for being so candid during this interview and Thank You to Raul and Ashley for being on this episode. So turn up the volume and enjoy this episode. 

Movie Reviews:
2002 28 Days Later
Raul: 10
Ashley: 8.5
Bill: 9
Greg: 9.5
Dave: 9
Pearl: 8

2010 The Crazies
Ashley: 9
Raul: 9
Bill: 8
Greg: 8.5
Dave: 8
Pearl: 8.5

1976 Cassandra Crossing
Bill: 6.5
Raul: 7
Ashley: 4
Greg: 7
Dave: 6.5
Pearl: 6

2011 Contagion 
Dave: 9
Raul: 8.5
Ashley: 7
Bill: 8
Greg: 8
Pearl: 8.5

2021 F.E.A.R.
Greg: 5
Raul: 7
Ashley: 4
Dave: 5
Bill: 6
Pearl: 5

2021 Hall
Pearl: 3
Raul: 2
Ashley: 2.5
Bill: 6.5
Greg: 4

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