Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 282 : Random Horror 2022

Welcome to LOTC episode 282. We are a few months into 2022 and the crew wanted to journey into some of the horror films that released this year already. We have to admit that 2022 is shaping up to be another year of solid horror films. We are in the Month of May and already have a couple blockbuster hits. The great thing is, the summer blockbuster hits have not came out yet, so we are in for a year of great films. This week the crew tackle two 2022 horror movies each for your listening pleasure. Will any of the films reviewed make the top ten of 2022? It's still early but who knows. So sit back, get your snacks and beverages ready, or if you are at work, keep focused on your job and enjoy this fun filled episode. 

Movie Reviews

2022 Father Of Flies
Dave : 7

2022 Studio 666
Bill : 7.5

2022 Umma
Greg : 6

2022 Reed's Point
Dave : 4

2022 Escape The Field
Bill : 6.5

2022 Virus: 32
Greg : 7.5

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  1. Hey Guys, 2022 is the centennial year of 'Nosferatu'! It blows my mind it's been that long, starting to measure in centuries now like a vampire.
    Listening to Land of the Creeps ep. 119 this afternoon.

  2. Hey Guys, reminding this is the centennial year of ‘Nosferatu’.
    Listening now to Land of the Creeps ep. 119

  3. Hey Guys, reminding this is the centennial year of ‘Nosferatu’. Yes, I did just listen to Land of the Creeps ep.119.

  4. Hey Kaiju, I totally overlooked the Nosferatu year. That is so cool that it is approaching the big mark and is still one of the greatest vampire films of all time.