Sunday, November 6, 2022

Land Of The Creeps Episode 297 : Blowing The Pool Boy

 Welcome to Land of The Creeps BONUS episode: 297. In this episode, GregaMortis & the Twisted Temptress welcome in Guests Raul & Ashley from Headlong into Monsters Podcast. The crew reviews 1996 The Dentist. Also they dive in and have fun chatting as well as asking Would You Rather questions. A fun episode full of laughter & lots of Shake it up moments. Enjoy the episode and Thank You for helping Keep Horror Alive.


The Dentist 1996
Pearl :  7
Raul : 8.5
Ashley : 8
GregaMortis : 7.5

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  1. Woo!!
    You guys rule!!

    1. Thanks so much kaiju, really appreciated. Loved having Raul and Ashley on.

    2. Next episode coming up!
      Six Million Dollar Man!

  2. Dr Walking Dead here—

    As both you all AND NHM have recently covered this film, I thought I should check it out. Imagine my surprise when about halfway through I realized I have already seen it before! (Gotta love the “tooth cam” sequences.)

    Old boy dentist is clearly deranged from before the film begins (the pills), but I think the pool boy affair is real—he has a fantasy while watching them get it on, implying it—real—caused the fantasy (he doesn’t have fantasies within fantasies, as far as we can tell). Probably more analysis than the film deserves, but there you go!

    I do enjoy the cringy violence and the exploitation of a very common fear. Didn’t love the ending, though. Great discussion and analysis, team!

    1. Thank you for listening and I was feeling the same way about the affair being real. This is a fun cheesy movie