Thursday, April 13, 2023

Land Of The Creeps Episode 316 : DD 8 Watch Me When I Kill And Tales From The Crypt Part 1


Welcome to LOTC Double Double 8. This week the show starts with Black Glove Mysteries with GregaMortis and Ian Irza breaking down 1977's Watch Me When I Kill from Director Antonio Bido. Is this giallo film worth the watch , is it worth a purchase? Listen as Greg and Ian breaks this film down,. 
Next up is Mortis Vision with GregaMortis and The Twisted Temptress Pearl. This week Greg and Pearl are joined by Karen Wagner to breakdown season 1 and 2 of Tales From The Crypt. Everyone loves the Crypt Keeper but does the series still hold up? Listen as the three of them review some of their favorite episodes from the first two seasons. We want to thank Karen for being on the episode, below are links to Karen's social media sites. So we hope you enjoy this episode and we would love to hear from you, comment below or email to let us know what you thought of the show.
Get your favorite snacks and beverages ready and take a journey with us through the Land Of The Creeps.

Black Glove Mysteries Review :
1977 Watch Me When I Kill
Ian : 7
Greg : 7.5

Tales From The Crypt Episodes Reviewed
Greg : Season 1 , Episode 1 : The Man Who Was Death
Karen : Season 1 , Episode 2 : All Through The House
Greg : Season 1, Episode 3 : Dig That Cat ... He's Real Gone
Pearl : Season 1 , Episode 4 : Only Sin Deep
Karen : Season 1 , Episode 5 : Lover Come Hack To Me
Pearl : Season 1 , Episode 6 : Collection Completed

Pearl : Season 2, Episode 2 : The Switch
Greg : Season 2, Episode 3 : Cutting Cards
Pearl : Season 2, Episode 4 : Til Death
Greg : Season 2, Episode 10 : The Ventriloquist's Dummy
Karen : Season 2, Episode 15 : Mute Witness To Murder
Karen : Season 2, Episode 18 : The Secret




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