Monday, August 7, 2023

Land Of The Creeps Episode 333 : It's Pitch Black, And I am Not The One You Should Worry About


Welcome to episode 333 of LOTC!! This week is all about the action. Bill the Butcher is still out in the wilds and hopefully finally bringing concrete proof that Bigfoot is real. We miss Bill but have no fear, he will be back for the next episode. But this week we are joined by special guest Shawn Taylor. Shawn came up with the theme this week, action horror. Now we know most horror films have some form of action in them but there is a legit class of films that are labeled as action horror and we look at several of them along with You the callers as well. We also review in full 2000's Pitch Black. We hope you will enjoy this weeks show and we want to Thank Shawn for being on with us. It's time for you to grab your favorite snacks and beverages, turn up the volume and take a journey with us through Land Of The Creeps!!

DAVE : 7.5
SHAWN : 9.5
PEARL : 8.5
GREG : 8

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