Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 188 : Creature Feature Series Pt1

Welcome to episode 188 of LOTC. This week We at LOTC are starting a three part series we are calling the Creature Feature Series. We are going to be breaking down creature films from the decades starting with this episode where we are looking at the 1930's and 1940's. This is an amazing couple of decades for creature films as well as Horror in general. We are introduced to the Universal Monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Invisible Man and the list goes on. Some of cinemas greatest achievements are in these two decades and LOTC opens the mausoleum doors as only they can.
The crew for this episode consists of GregaMortis, Dave Doctor Shock Becker as well as returning for his second show Bill Van Vehgel. Lots of entertainment and discussions on this three hour plus show. You will not want to miss this one.
You will want to listen real close as GregaMortis is offering a dvd/bluray to someone who can answer a question that Doctor Shock asks. Comments on the show notes your answers or call our hotline at 1-804-569-5682 or email GregaMortis at gregamortis666@gmail.com . So good luck and time for YOU to win some goodies.
Land Of The Creeps reveals they are looking for a new intro theme son for the Podcast as well on this show. GregaMortis is asking for all YOU creeps and creepites to get your music inspiration going. He is looking for something creepy and catchy. Like any contest there has to be rules. But everyone is in luck because there is only one rule, it is a very important rule though. The audio clip must NOT contain any copyrighted material. What that means is, no Ramones, Kiss or music etc like that . We don't need getting sued lol. So what do YOU get if you win? GregaMortis will be choosing the top 3 audio clips received. He will then give away 3 amazing gift packages. Details will be revealed on exact gifts but it will involve possibly nice BluRay's , TShirts, Gift Cards etc. Plus the winner will have full credit on each episode, audibly as well as in the show notes. So please bring it!!! When you get your audio together email the clip over to GregaMortis at gregamortis666@gmail.com so he can listen. Thank You LOTC horror community for being the greatest community ever. We love you.
Help Keep Horror Alive!!!!!

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