Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 189 : Creature Feature Series PT2

Welcome to the Second part of our Creature Feature Series of the Monster films from the 1950's and 1960's. This week GregaMortis and Dave Doctor Shock Becker are joined by Bill Van Veghel. With UFO's, giant bugs and flying brains to name a few YOU are in for a shlock fest treat. Just like any episode clearly some titles will be missed. We would love to hear from you Creeps and Creepites on Titles we missed. Leave your comments below or call us and leave your voicemails at 1-804-569-5682. As a bonus we also had a sit down interview with Directors Michael Neel and Greg Ansin from The Drive-In Horror Show as well as Infinite Santa 8000. There are exciting things coming for Infinite Santa 8000 and you will want to listen and see what is happening. We love Michael and Greg and hope for great things to come in the future. We also have our Facebook and Twitter Shoutouts as well as emails. Also we are honored to play a song by a great listener and follower Mikey The Spooky Kid Spice III. The name of the song is From The Dust Returned. Let us know what you think. WE LOVE IT!!
WE here at LOTC are also still taking submissions for the new intro theme song. We are asking for YOU to submit your audio clip to gregamortis666@gmail.com. We will take the top 3 songs, there will be amazing prizes for these winners. So get your music game on.
We hope you will listen and share this episode with everyone you come in contact with. You guys and gals are amazing.

Guest Links
Drive-in Horror Show Website
Infinite Santa 8000
Michael Neel Facebook
Jasper Tales Facebook
Greg Ansin Facebook

Bill Van Veghel Link
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Dr. Shock
Universal Monster Cast
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