Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Land Of the Creeps Episode 190 : To Die For

Welcome to LOTC's Valentine Episode " To Die For ". This week the crew has love in there eyes and hearts as they are talking Horror Couples in the movies. With numerous couples being mentioned you will want to get a pen and paper out to record all of them as well as the movies these couples was involved in. Chucky and Tiffany, to man and his car to even a woman and her tree?? Yes you will possibly be shocked or scratching your head with the names being mentioned. Such a fun show with special guest Greg Bensch returning. Greg Bensch was previously on our top 10 horror films of 2018 episode and we are excited to have him as part of this show. Share your love for him in the comment section or call our voicemail at 1-804-569-5682 to show your support.
Also on this weeks show we discuss the contest for our new theme intro. Once again we are asking for your help as we are looking for a new theme song that You feel will sound great for the show. We have had a good response thus far but are looking for many more. The rules are very simple once again, no copyrighted material or sound bites from movies that are not public domained. That is it. Pretty simple. Once you create your 30sec to 1 minute clip send the audio file to gregamortis666@gmail.com with contest as the subject line. That is it. We will be picking our favorite three songs. What will the top three entries receive you ask. We will be putting together three amazing gift packages that will include 1 Land Of The Creeps exclusive TShirt that no one else has except for LOTC members. That would be enough you think? But wait that is just the start, Your name will be mentioned on each and every episode as well as in the show notes. You will receive full credit for your song. Also some other exclusive prizes. So get busy and send the songs as soon as you can. We plan on running this contest till the end of April as of right now but we will let You know the exact date.
We want to ask that you share this episode and this Podcast with everyone you know as well with every social media platform you have. Also We ask that you head over to where ever you listen to the show, rate and comment there on what the show means to you. This is very important to us as it will help us get noticed to the world. Thank You so much for all your continued support. We love each and everyone of you from the bottoms of our Black Hearts.
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