Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 196 : Birthday Hodge Podge

Welcome to Episode 196 of LOTC !! It is GregaMortis and Bill Van Veghel's birthday and in honor of these events the crew and special guest Justin Beahm bring YOU the listeners 8 feature movie reviews. Each host randomly picked 2 movies each to review. Also GregaMortis brings a mini review of Blumhouse new release film MA. Is MA worth going to the the theater or avoid? You will want to listen and see what GregaMortis thinks. Finally we also have Facebook Shoutouts to read out. We have to give a major shout out to Justin Beahm for being a major part of this weeks episode. Below are links to Justin's media outlets. Please subscribe to The Justin Beahm Radio Hour Podcast. Sit back turn up the volume and HELP KEEP HORROR ALIVE!!! Share with all your friends as well please. 

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