Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 197 : Natural Disaster Films

Welcome to episode 197 of LOTC. This week the crew tackles films revolving around Natural Disaster's. What a great topic and fun films to watch. Most are over the top and unbelievable but that is what makes these films great. Earthquakes, Typhoons, Volcano's and Twisters to name a few. Listen to see what titles made the cut and if YOU have some that did not get mentioned we would love to hear from you. All the Facebook followers brought their A game as well as our buddy Maurice with his email as well as Dave Roy and Greg Bensch's voicemails are awesome. So sit back and listen as GregaMortis, Bill Van Veghel and Dave Becker have lots of fun and deep discussions. Also our themed contest is almost over. We are still calculating the winners and these will be announced on episode 200. So excited. YOU guys and gals are the greatest.
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  1. Hey! just wanted to say I think your Podcast is amazing,educational,funny,comforting and keeps my addiction for Horror ticking away.Keep up the great work man!x

    1. Hello VanTassel, Thank You so much for the kind words. I hope we continue to make your addiction tick away. Much appreciated. GregaMortis