Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 198 : Killer Women

Welcome to episode 198 of LOTC. This week the crew takes on the theme of Killer Women in horror movies. This was such a cool topic to discuss. With revenge being one of the motives as well as just being pure evil women, men are not the only killers in horror movies. Listen as Dave and GregaMortis take a look at multiple movies some we have seen or some we haven't. We have to Thank our Facebook and Twitter listeners for bringing the multiple titles. Did we miss any titles? If so message us or comment on the post.
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  1. Lots of lady killers mentioned. I wonder how the percentages break out. Male killers versus female killers.
    Psycho does not count though and neither does the first Sleepaway Camp.
    You gave a glowing review of Annabelle Comes Home and I am a fan the Conjuring universe, but I saw the film last night and was really disappointed in the effort. I liked the two previous films much better. What bothered me is that they kept using the same scenarios with the ghosts and kept showing the same thing over and over. The reliance on cheap jump scares was also rife. I also didn't appreciate how our main characters were isolated within the same house, all have their own adventures which seemed forced, just to lengthen the run-time. Or perhaps this was the best they could do with the premise they were working with. The film was more creepy than scary and no one dies. In fact, we get a very resolved ending where everyone is happy and there are new relationships and friendships to celebrate. I am fine with happy endings and mostly prefer them. But in a horror film, where there are no deaths and with that ending, I don't know if this even qualifies as a horror film. I mean it is, but it's not a very convincing horror film. I am still glad I saw the film, but I am not sure if I will buy it or not, and I have all the Conjuring universe films so far. I'd probably go with a six out of ten and a rental recommendation.
    Thanks Greg and Dave, you guys did a great job!

  2. Hello Sean, That is a good question with the percentages. I am sure off top of my head that the male killers would be much larger but I will have to do some research on this for sure. I agree with you on Psycho as well as Sleepaway Camp Part 1 but at the same time they are brought up in conversations for sure. I can understand where you are coming from on the new Annabelle. For me I think it has some to do with the fact I love the universe so much and was let down with the previous Annabelle film that I felt this one tried to deliver. The kids had some charm to them and some of the jump scares delivered. I am looking forward to the newest Conjuring, How about you? Thank You so much for great response and also for tuning into the episode. GregaMortis