Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Land Of The Creeps Episode 205 : Blumhouse Spotlight With Sid Haig Tribute

Welcome to LOTC Episode 205. This week GregaMortis and Bill Van Veghel discuss the Blumhouse catalog as well as a special tribute to the great Sid Haig. 
Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse Productions has produced some of the modern era's greatest horror movies and We here at LOTC are honored to dive into this vast catalog of movies. You will be surprised with some of the hits this company produced, so you will definitely need to get your pen and paper out on this show. We here at LOTC love to hear from our listeners, and WOW did you guys and gals deliver with your Facebook and Twitter shout outs. Thank You so much for always bringing your A game. 
The passing of Sid Haig definitely hit the horror community hard. September 21 was the day the earth stood still for sure. Sid quickly stole our hearts with his break out character Capt. Spaulding. Through that character we searched out his other films which allowed us the privilege of seeing what an amazing actor he truly is. We are going to miss YOU Sid Haig. To all of the family and friends our hearts and prayers go out to all of you. 
Thank You for tuning into the show, we hope you enjoyed. If you did, or even if you didn't we would love for you to leave your comments below. We would also love if you would share this episode with all your friends and enemies. Please feel free to call our 24 hour voicemail hotline, toll free at 
So sit back turn up the volume, get your pens and paper ready and listen if you dare. Thank You

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  1. Great tribute to the late Sid Haig. He has been in lots of entertaining genre films and will be missed.

    I think Blumhouse proved how profitable horror can be and now we are in a new golden age. So many good movies this year. Thanks Greg and Bill!

    1. THANK YOU Sean!!!! I agree SID will live forever in our hearts and minds. Such a legend.
      You are so right, Blumhouse has created a mold that works great for us Horror fans. I will support as long as they continue to pump out great entertainment. Once again Thanks for your great comment!!