Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Land Of The Creeps Episode 223 : The Year Of Us

Welcome to episode 223 of LOTC. WOW are You in for a hilarious ride this week as the LOTC crew is joined by CoHost of Retro Geek Movie Podcast Peter Nielsen. The topic for the show is movies from our birth year. That's right, each host covers two feature films from the year they were born. First up was our guest Peter Nielsen who was born 1968 and his two films are The Green Slime as well as Dracula Risen From The Grave, next up is Dave Becker with his year of 1969 and he covers Horrors Of Malformed Men as well as Venus In Furs. Big Bill Van Veghel brings his two films from 1974 which are The Legacy Of Satan as well as Puzzle and then lastly GregaMortis chimes in with 1972 Gargoyles and Asylum. Now if these are not enough to wet your whistle the LOTC community knocked it out of the park with their birth years and recommendations. With years spanning from 1954 to 2000 We are confident You will hear about films you have loved, or maybe have never heard of. We hope You will enjoy this show as much as We did recording it and a special THANK YOU to all of YOU that continue to love, support and contribute to LOTC.
Sit back, turn up the volume and get your snacks and beverages and take a journey through Land OF The Creeps with us.

9:59 - 12:00  Jay Of The Dead Voice Mail. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jay!!!

16:34 - 27:57 Peter Nielsen 1968 The Green Slime

28:13 - 35:30 Dave Becker 1969 Horror Of Malformed Men

36:11 - 44:10 Bill Van Veghel 1974 The Legacy Of Satan

44:35 - 53:05 GregaMortis 1972 Gargoyles

53:21 - 1:03:30 Peter Nielsen 1968 Dracula Risen From The Grave

1:03:35 - 1:17:44 Dave Becker 1969 Venus In Furs

1:18:00 - 1:27:14 Bill Van Veghel 1974 Puzzle

1:27:22 - 1:38:30 GregaMortis 1972 Asylum

1:39:58 - 2:15:48 FaceBook Shout Outs

2:15:49 - 2:20:51 Twitter Shout Outs

2:21:14 - 2:24:57 Vicious Victor Voicemail

2:27:01 - 3:19:40 Voicemails

3:19:48 - 3:25:38 FaceBook Shout Outs

3:25:39 - 3:26:50 Wrap Up

3:27:04 - 3:35:32 Outro's

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