Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Land Of The Creeps Episode 224 : Our Horror Crushes

Welcome to the OOHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHH and OOHHHHHHH LA LA episode of LOTC. That's right this week the crew is joined by special guest 00Tim to discuss their Horror Crushes. Each host breaks down their 10 favorite Horror Crushes in a round table discussion style show with lots of laughter and oohhhhhh's and ahhhhhh's to be heard . You the listeners also chimed in with some of Your favorite crushes as well via voicemails as well as Facebook and Twitter. This was such a fun episode to record and we hope that you will have a blast listening.
Did any of your favorite crushes get mentioned? If not we would love to hear your responses so please comment below or you can call our hotline at 1-804-569-5682 and let us hear what you got. We here at LOTC survive off of You the listeners and we grow via word of mouth so we ask that you please share each and every episode with all your friends and social media sites as well as CoWorkers etc. We would also love if you would head over to wherever you listen to LOTC and drop a review about the show and rate us as well. This really does go a long way toward helping Land Of The Creeps grow.
What are some show ideas or topics or even segments you would love to hear in the future? You can comment below your suggestions, call our hotline and leave your suggestions or you can email GregaMortis direct at gregamortis666@gmail.com. We would love to hear from You and try to schedule your ideas in future shows.
Thank You so much for being the greatest listeners and friends in the world. YOU ROCK!!!
Thank You 00TIM for being such a great guest here on LOTC and look forward to having You on some future episodes. Links will be below for 00TIM.

Victor H. Rodriguez Book
The Sound Of Fear Click Here To Purchase
The Shining Girl's Book by : Lauren Beukes
Other Authors to follow per Vicious Victor
Stephanie M Wytovich
T. Kingfisher
CV Hunt
Shirley Jackson
James Tiptree Jr.

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