Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Land Of The Creeps Episode 240 : Women Director's In Horror

Welcome to episode 240 of LOTC. This is our Women In Horror episode. We are spotlighting the Women who are taking the helm behind the cameras, Directors. We have been blessed to have some amazing films in the history of horror cinema directed by women and we are even happier that we seem to be having more of the amazing and talented Ladies coming to the forefront. With 2020 recently coming to an end we was able to see some fantastic and original horror films released with Women taking the helm. We spotlight 9 total films in full reviews this week as well as many shoutouts to these great ladies in the past and present. We also had an amazing audio clip from one of the most talented Ladies in the industry, Dee Wallace give us a little insight on Women In Horror. Thank You Dee for your contributions to the Horror community. 
This episode we also had a giveaway for 3 CD's from fellow LOTC member Luke Bemand from his band Lespecial. Lespecial has a new album out called Ancient Homies. We have about 40 minutes of talk with Luke about the album as well as some of his loves in movies etc. You will not want to miss this candid interview. As an added bonus , Luke gave us permission to play one of the newest songs from the album. We finish the show with their hit song The Vessel. We hope you will enjoy the song and you will purchase their album. 
So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy this fun and informative episode. Thank You to all you Women who continue to produce great cinema. 
Relic 2020
Dave : 9
Bill : 6.5
Greg : 7

Prevenge 2016
Bill : 6.5
Dave : 7

12 Hour Shift 2020
Greg : 6.5
Dave : 7.5
Bill : 7

Shirley 2020
Dave : 9.5
Bill : 8
Greg : 7.5

She Dies Tomorrow 2020
Bill : 6.5
Greg : 6.5
Dave : 7

The Lodge 2020
Greg : 9.5
Dave : 9
Bill : 6.5

MOM 2020
Dave : 6.5
Bill : 6.5
Greg : 6

Shadows In The Clouds 2020
Bill : 7.5

The Other Lamb 2020
Greg : 6
Dave : 6
Bill : 5

Interview with Luke Bemand begins at 3:50:11

Lespecial Links:

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Victor H .Rodriguez
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The Shining Girl's Book by : Lauren Beukes
Other Authors to follow per Vicious Victor
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James Tiptree Jr.

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