Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Land Of The Creeps Episode 241 : Random Horror 2020

Welcome to LOTC episode 241. This week the crew is bringing YOU some random 2020 horror films as they are gearing up for their top 10 Horror films from 2020. We are joined for a small time with Haddonfield Hatchet, Shaun Davis, who brings a review or two. Always a blast when he is able to make an appearance. All the films picked for this episode actually turned out to be entertaining films. Along with the reviews we had calls from our audience as well as some shout outs via Facebook. We always love hearing from YOU guys and gals and hope that you will continue to call in each and every episode. So you will not want to miss one second of this very entertaining episode. 

Our next episode is revealed and Episode 243 will be our TOP 10 Horror films from 2020. We want to hear from all of you with your Top 10 films. Please call 1-804-569-5682 or email gregamortis666@gmail.com before Tuesday Feb. 9th with your list's so we can play them on air. 

Also We will be holding a contest for Pearl and GregaMortis's BONUS Valentine Episode which will drop on Valentines Day. We will be giving away a goodie bag that We feel everyone would enjoy. In order to be entered in the contest YOU must call before Thursday Feb 11 with a Valentine shout out to your loved ones and or friends or just give us your Valentine Horror movies you like to watch. So Call 1-804-569-5682 for your entry. Good Luck to all who enter. 

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