Thursday, May 11, 2023

Land Of The Creeps Episode 320 : Double Double 10 Aldo Lado Retrospect / Tales from The Crypt Seasons 5 - 7


Welcome to LOTC episode 320, Double Double 10. This weeks double double begins with GregaMortis and Ian Irza's Black Glove Mysteries segment. They finish their retrospect on Director Also Lado by looking at his 1972 Who Saw Her Die? as well as 1992 Circle Of Fear. We hope you will enjoy as Greg and Ian break these two movies down for your listening pleasure. Next up is GregaMortis and the Twisted Temptress Pearl's Mortis Vision, where they discuss in full spoiler fashion tv shows. This week they are joined by host of Phantom Galaxy and now the new revamped HMP, Nathan Bartlebaugh to finish their reviews of Tales From The Crypt season 5 -7. This was a great time and the nostalgia that this show has in their hearts is deep. We hope you will enjoy this FULL SPOILER look at a total of 18 full episodes. We love doing these shows and hope that you love listening to these double double shows. We would love to hear your feedback, please comment below or email your thoughts. So get your favorite beverages and snacks ready and take a journey with us through the Land Of The Creeps. 

Black Glove Mysteries Movie Reviews :
1972 Who Saw Her Die ? 
Ian : 8
GregaMortis : 8

1992 Circle Of Fear
Ian : 8
GregaMortis : 8
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Tales From The Crypt Season 5
Nathan : Ep 1 - Death Of A Salesman
               Ep 9 - Creep Course
Pearl : Ep 4 - Food For Thought
            Ep 12 - Half-way Horrible
Greg : Ep 5 - People Who Live In Brass Hearses
           Ep 7 - House Of Horror
Season 6
Nathan : Ep 8 - The Assassin
               Ep 15 - You, Murderer
Pearl : Ep 2 - Only Skin Deep
           Ep 7 - The Pit
Greg : Ep 6 - The Bribe
           Ep 9 - Staired In Horror
Season 7
Nathan : Ep 2 - Last Respects
               Ep 11 - Confessions
Pearl : Ep 10 - About Face
            Ep 13 - The Third Pig
Greg : Ep 5 - Horror In The Night
            Ep 9 - Smoke Wrings

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